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Battlefield And Home 0

Battlefield And Home

In a battlefield, a lamb has no place, for it’s a place, where even trained souls have lost constraints. And that is why for the lamb to survive, it needs to adapt and for...

Poem #4 0

Poem #4

The kuch alfaaz aise, jo baya na ho sakte the lafzo se, Keh gyi aakhein, vo alfaaz me chuppi nazdikiyan, Bhauchake se hum the, na keh sakte the kuch, Bolne ki, ki koshish, toh...

A New Friend – Alternate Version 0

A New Friend – Alternate Version

“Come sit me with me, son” called the friendly neighbourhood uncle, as he saw him run into the drawing room. He shuddered and ran to hide behind his mother, who exclaimed, “Oh, he is...