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Poem #1 0

Poem #1

Adalat ke kaagazon par karne dastakhat thi vo aayi, Soona tha dil, ungliyan aur kalaayi, Par saanse kuch majboot thi, Aankhein kuch namkin, Aazadi mil rhi thi, maano, Khubsurat aur behtareen, Na darr tha...

Whatever Happens, Happens For Good 0

Whatever Happens, Happens For Good

I was going through my Facebook when I saw a status regarding as to how can a person solace himself/herself about “Whatever happens, happens for a reason, and happens for good” and this got...

How We Define Happiness 4

How We Define Happiness

I have been in deep thought over past few days and, it has troubled me deeply, making me a frustrated soul over the past few weeks. I have pondered about it deeply, each day,...