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Poem #2 0

Poem #2

Thi manzil anek, The raaste anek, Chalne wala ek par khayal the anek, Raaston ki chaah me hum bhaagte the dilfek, Aayi baadha saamne aur badh na sake the, Bolna chahte the aur bol...

Whatever Happens, Happens For Good 0

Whatever Happens, Happens For Good

I was going through my Facebook when I saw a status regarding as to how can a person solace himself/herself about “Whatever happens, happens for a reason, and happens for good” and this got...

US – The Overthinking Species 0

US – The Overthinking Species

Human brain is a wonder, it is responsible for so many astonishing feats, something even renowned scientists have not fully realised yet. It is said that even Einstein with all his brilliance didn’t use...